Celebrating Applebee's

After last weeks announcement of winning the Arby's business, today CP+B announced another new client: Applebee's. A today's townhall (video conference between 6 offices and 4 countries) the agency celebrated this news. We're especially happy about this as we were part of the pitch team. Sweet!

Mt. Sanitas

Lately there hasn't been much spare time, but once there is we're trying to catch some air and enjoy the great outdoors of Boulder. Recently we went on a hike on the Mt. Sanitas trail. For seasoned hikers it's probably not more than a challenging afternoon walk, for me, it felt more like climbing Mt. Everest. Still, the view on the summit was well worth it.


Turbans are transformed into fashionable headwear in this new collection created by Kazakh/German fashion designer (and my sister) Anna Wegelin. Dames who dare to cover their heads in style and color can acquire any of the five designs from her online shop. All turbans are handmade from quality Jersey and available in three sizes.

I assisted Anna on the photography for the lookbook, together with Minna Lund (Make Up) and the great models Anna F. and Anne B. from Modelwerk.

Disruptive Thinker Transport

If you work for Crispin you'll get to ride the DDT in the morning. That's the Disruptive Thinking Transport bus that picks up employees, drives them to work (and back) while preparing them mentally for the day ahead. The ride from our stop takes a while but it's time well spent by talking to people from different departments while cruising through Boulder. You can't see it in the photo but it gets quite full and lively.

New year. New job. New country. New life.

Tomorrow my creative partner Robbin and I will begin a new job at Cripsin Porter + Bogusky in their Boulder, Colorado office. We've been talking with them about a possible job for over a year now and have been visiting them for a round of interviews during summer. After some visa issues in the beginning of the year we finally signed a contract for a full time position as a creative team back in August. It took us and the agency a few months to get all paperwork in order to the H1B visa and the approval process. Now we're officially two foreign workers in a specialty occupation for three years in the United States of America. We already moved here in advance and are getting used to the chilly mountain climate before starting our new jobs tomorrow. The adventure continues, it's going to be a wicked year with big expectations and full of work. Bring on 2012. In America. At CP+B. With a great partner.


After around six weeks of work we’re happy to release our last freelance project before for the time being: a website for six year old talented snowboarder Bailey Duran. Robbin and I collaborated with her dad to create a snowy world just for her. We also had help from our friend Jonas with the coding. Check it out on www.BaileyDuran.com

Lucky Panda – Refined drinking in Tokyo

Tokyo is a paradise of many sorts – retail, fashion, cuteness and craziness – beside all this fabulousness it also excels in presenting a very cultivated drinking cultures in thousands of bars, probably the best ones in the whole world. But these bars are small, hosting only up to 6 or 8 people at a time. A cozy atmosphere that transforms strangers into friends easily. The good places are hard to find, don't go looking for them on a main street, unless there's one located on the 37th floor between two buildings. The darker the alley the better the bar.

The beauty about japanese bars is their sense of refinement, every single glass is carefully chosen and ice cubes are individually carved by hand into flawless round balls. There's even no need for conversations as your jaw usually is busy dropping every few minutes at yet another fine detail in a japanese drinking establishment.

My dearest bar in Tokyo is the Lucky Panda. It's hidden in a backstreet that served me for cutting my walk to work short and I passed this gem of a place countless times before I dared to enter. A lucky encounter indeed and on my first visit it felt more home than home. The man running this place is fully devoted to the cause of fine drinking. Besides caribbean women, this bar is his sole passion. Prices for drinks remain a mystery and the owner rather estimates each visit freely, probably taking into account how much fun the patrons had. A few hours in the Lucky Panda will open every pair of eyes to the beauty of Japans drinking culture. On a visit to Tokyo my multitalented friend Nico Nuzzaci agreed and took the fantastic shots below. "Sumimasen, Hibiki on the rocks please."

Pipka Pipka

Pipka Pipka is both a fashion brand and a creative collective of five east-european influenced girls. Last week they got together and served up a brilliant show that was more art than fashion – in a good way. They've chosen the GOLEM bar as their location, it's a dark and smoke infused speak-easy in the harbor of Hamburg that serves a mean old fashion and has a dance cellar hiding behind a secret door. There was live piano music and chanson singing girls to set the right atmosphere for Pipka Pipka's crazy outfits. From Barbie doll garnished dresses to a sportswear collection for Nuns – the things on show were both conceptual and visually stunning. All together it was just about the most refreshing fashion show I've attended. Not that I've been to many though.

Herr von Eden store opening

Herr von Eden keeps rocking the world of well suited and booted gentleman by the opening their first bespoke tailoring atelier last night in a swanky location in Hamburg. I strolled down to sneak a peek and wasn't disappointed – it's the kind of place I'd love to buy a suit at. Yet, for an art director this is both curse and blessing as the amount of options and combinations is limitless. Bravo.

Avocado Bacon Flower Salad

My sister has been posting about food & recipes for some time now, so here's me being inspired by her. Todays healthy lunch: Mixed salad, diced bacon, avocado, dill, tomatoes and edible flowers with simple olive oil dressing.

Another Robbin Waldemar Interview

2010lab.tv asked Robbin and me a few questions for an interview. Here's one:
What is creativity for you?
RobbinWaldemar: For us creativity is about creating, doing and making stuff in ways that haven’t been done before. Often it’s about fusing existing components to create new combinations. And if you want to get the most out of it you need to get as much input as possible and take in everything that surrounds you. Exact for that reason we adore big cities like London and Tokyo, there’s always something new and exciting lurking around the corner that might spark off yet another thought. On the other hand technology changed all that, and any place no matter how big or small can ooze creativity and inspiration with the right people and mindset.

Read the whole interview here.