How to survive monday morning trains

It's easy! Just don't take the train.
If you have no other choice, well then there is nothing left to say to you then ENJOY it! If you made it on one of the trains you gonna survive everything else too, belive me. Not many people make it on the train. So you are already one step ahead, leaving the rest of your folks back in the station while you are rushing through the dark tunnel underground. So what do you do while standing squeezed with 36 other people on 2 square meters (That's a piece of art itself already but more about that later)? Enjoy the international flavours of deodorant when they lift up their arms to hold on to something (it doesn't really matter where, just make sure you don't fall over). Once more indefinable odours? Take a deep breath of what we call the "monday morning flavour" because at least you are one of the lucky ones who could make it on the train (even after 24 trains but that doesn't count) (english humour). What? Never forget, London Underground is giving their best to make you reach your destination relaxed. Thank god the next monday is a week away and PLEASE don't forget the deodorant.