What a day

Puh, finally it's coming to an end. We had two presentations at JWT today. We were preparing the stuff the last two days and had to do a night shift to get everything. The outcome: We're very tired, but we learned a lot from the meetings we had today. And we feel happy, It's not that kind of happy reward feeling of 'having a brilliant idea and getting it through to the client', but more of a 'we've learnt something' happy. Maybe that's even better?

We need to get our next placement and need to improve our book for that, there is one problem: One thing always happens to us, at every placement we've been. We hardly get time to do our spec work for our book while on placement. It's always stuff for the agency which comes first, but this flow of new briefs never ends, once we get one thing done, we get another brief - a vicious circle. The only solution we found so far: 'Forget sleep, forget social life outside of work and bye bye weekend'. Can any junior team reconstruct this situation? How do you handle this? Any tips? We want to live outside of advertising! At least for a couple of hours a day.