Waldemar Wegelin


Sweet briefs

Since we started our placement at JWT, we almost only had briefs for chocolate and sweets. So we worked, and snacked, Nestle After Eight, Aero Bubbles, Aero Mint, Quality Street, Munchies and Heaven...

Now we are totaly below regular sugar level because we also worked on Kellogg's - way too healthy! I guess me and Val put on 12o kilos weight together.
We start eating sweets in the morning, in between, before and after lunch, we have it for dinner and as dessert. From all the chocolate vitamins and working long hours without seeing the sun, our skin became pale and wizenly - ihhh.

If you wanna help us, donate, so we can afford the gym. Or get send us some briefs NOT related to food, Weight Watchers maybe? Nah...