A dear reader told me that today's campaign magazine (13th July, 2007, page 5) published a snippet out of the 'Street Creative' post about creative teaming. First time in campaign, yay.

It shows two things. First, someone is actually reading my blog and not only looking at the pictures and second, the creative team of today (or the future) is a rather interesting topic. While I wrote about only two factors (art director + copywriter) imagine how tempting it would be to debate what other ingredients (planner, digital expert) you could throw in to spice things up. I think the idea is everything, almost. Without the necessary skills (art + copy) it won't stand out in today's clutter. But real ad world (is there something like this?) is different from my situation. If you're trying to get a placement and the first job, execution doesn't matter that much. At least that's what they say. Great execution is a good bonus, but without the 'big idea' it doesn't matter. Imagine how crappy a Sony balls three frame storyboard would look like drawn in a student book...

What I've learned so far is that agencies expect young creatives to have lots great strategies in their book. Maybe I should try teaming with a planner?

By the way: If you look at page five, it says 2006, all other pages in this magazine say 2007. Spooky, friday the 13th stuff.