Dude, get the dust off the book!

Today saw this years first book crit for us, and it was at Wieden+Kennedy, not a bad way to start. As expected it was great, the team, Fabian & Ida was really nice, gave some great suggestions and asked us to stay in touch since decisions about placements are to be made. We seemed to be a bit rusty and should have asked more questions to wheedle more out of them about the bad sides of our book, but hey. Oh, they did like the mugs we've sent them.

Next station led us to Covent Garden to see Rory at The Talent Business to have a good old natter. All that was missing was Helen Daniels from Ramsey Street. The session proved to be very productive and exciting. To wind the day down we ended up in Masala Zone, great decor, great service, great food, a gem of a find (see snap of the day). More things to come.