Efficient creativity

Everyday. Everyday we get together and work on our portfolio. We are not on placement. This is good, and bad. We can spend all the time on our own stuff, but we're missing the structure. We don't have a place to work.

The Home – is a jungle full with dangerous distractions. A café – initiates the transformation into a caffeine junkie, spending a fortune on a daily basis. Interruptions are frequent, in the middle of an idea we think of that person we have to call in order to get a portfolio review. We decided we need to be way more efficient. On the same day I stumbled upon a great e-book. It's called Creative Time Management, and it is quite good. Of course we know some of the things in there, but like with many of these book we need to be reminded to actually take action. Get it here. It is written by Mark McGuinness, a creative coach who I've met last year at a coffee morning. Have a look at wishful thinking, his blog for more tips on creativity.

On our quest to squeeze everything out of our brains we'll try to share more about this. For now, I'm on my way to a place to work, which just might be awesome, we'll see.