Jai & Wal

Happy New Year! С новым годом! Sal Mubharak!

The latter two are in Russian and Gujarati, spoken by the two of us. Oh and by the way the two of us are Jai and Wal. Here’s a really quick intro (a more in depth version of our saga will soon follow) we met back in college, had a ton of fun and did some pretty good work together. However life after Bucks led to a fork in the road, and we went in different directions.

Late last year our paths once again crossed and with a bit of luck we got selected for Cream 07. It kind of made us realise how much we missed ‘us’. So we made up our minds and promised that in the new year we would team up and make 2008 our year.

We’re now rested, armed and poised for what London has to throw at us, with our sleeves bursting with adventures, ideas, hunger and ambition. We hope you’ll join us for the ride. So stay tuned and get ready, Creative in London has now entered the year of the pig!