London advertising school

Creative education. Undoubtedly, there are great courses here in London to learn the craft and essence of creative advertising. Both of us graduated from Bucks, and we talk a lot about the course – what it gave us and where it lacked. The other top courses in Britain (=London?) are Central St Martins and Watford.

Now we received an email last week from a caring father from Italy who wants his son to attend a creative advertising school in London, not a bad idea we agree. He wrote:

'I would like to ask your advice for a top undergraduate course in Creative Advertising in London area. My son English mother tongue, now 19, but living in Italy is a very creative person born with this gift. His dream is to become an advertising art director. He has just completed Art School Diploma in Italy specialized in Visual Graphics. We have some confusion for the best choice in view that we have to apply soon for 3 choices with UK education system. These are the ones we have identified of course if any better suggestions is always welcomed.
  • Central St. Martins
  • Buck New University based in High Wycombe
Which would be the other 3rd good choice ?'

Looks very like he made his homework and is spot on with the first two choices. What shall the third one be? We would say Fallmouth, as they seem to produce good people as well recently. Would you agree? What would your third choice be? Any ideas on the Gloucester University? Other tips?

Remember, the Watford course is out of question as it is a post-graduate course.

Certainly, graduating from a top course helps, but it's not everything, it's always up to your initiative, no matter what course you're from. For me, more intriguing but out of reach, are other places that seem to be leading the field of creative eduction. Alternative and non-UK places like WK12, VCU Brandcenter and Fabrica – that's where the fun seems to happen. Also MiamiAdSchool, they seem to be in a transitional place from advertising school into a place where you can learn to 'change pop culture', a big claim yet interesting.

Although I reckon they are all more post-post-graduate courses. Maybe even post-first job courses.