Things you do not need…

…but love to get for free.

Matter, the direct mail experiment – I've read about it on Russell's blog. It is a box full of stuff you actually enjoy receiving. Intrigued by this idea and being within the target audience (for males, aged 25-35) I signed up just before the deadline and received the box on Saturday. First I was surprised by the nice packaging with it's stylish colour and branding. Carefully I unpacked it and was pleasantly overwhelmed by the things inside.

My flatmates gathered around the box quickly and forced me to forward them the details so they can receive the next one as well. Which will happen summer this year, as far as I know. This first Matter pack contained nine items from different brands. Ranging from a calender (Virgin Atlantic) to a simple product sample of Original Source (mint and tea tree, most refreshing shower gel ever).

'In an increasingly virtual world, we're beginning to appreciate the value of real things. Matter is a box full of interesting stuff–a way for companies to talk to people by giving them things.' We like this approach. You can find out more about Matter here.

Our favourite pieces are to be found below, a wristband for Wii, simple and great. Music Monster, a cute mini-toy / phone pendant for Sony Ericsson and a double pack of Play-Doh for Sony Bravia. The later two are done by iris.