More Creative Blogs

Lately lots of creatives have started blogging, we like that! So we thought we'd feature them. Without further ado. Lo and behold, new blogs for your creative advertising pleasures.

Carb Free Creativity
Big G and Digital Roy, two young creatives from glue London are writing this fun blog about random geeky stuff they stumble across and some bits and pieces about their sandwich revolution.

Conrad and Alex are looking for ping, a creative team studying at Manchester Met, they documented their journey through the D&AD Workshop and share some of their work with you.

All about the Crit
Rachel Dutton and Debbie Castaldo, two young ladies trying to break into advertising, relentlessly going to crit after crit and reporting back from the opinion front.

Happy Thought
Matt Squarebrain is a guy with a pleasantly positive attitude. He works at AQKA London and writes about all kinds of fun and thought provoking stuff around our favourite topic – advertising!

The naked Copywriter
Hayes Thompson is a freelance London based copywriter bringing us amusing rants about interesting and annoying things.

After the savoy truffle
Chris is from Canada and gives us a peek at what's going on on the other side of the pond. Great read.

Tom's Blog
Tom is trying to get in, like most of us. He blogs about findings and bits of his work.

Bernd is a good friend of ours, a great art director (he's looking for a copywriter, give him a shout) and posts things that inspire him, and all of us sometimes.

Natalie's blog is at the very beginning but we saw her stuff and we think it might turn into a cool place. She's a Spanish art director now trying her luck in London.

Averything Else
Recently discovered we cannot say much about Adam's blog, besides that he posts lots of work, some quite good work!

A copywriter from South Manchester sharing his work in progress and portfolio on his blog.

No More Suits
Mark Lewis is currently on the Watford course and entered the Blogosphere quite recently, yet we think it's gonna be worth keeping an eye on his blog.

Tom Seymour is a young 3D designer who graduated from St. martins a couple of years ago, now he is working as a hybrid creative at Wieden+Kennedy London. He works on pretty exciting stuff – not to miss out on.

Puh, that'll keep you busy for now. Of course there are lots of other 'older' blogs but we've linked them before. Sorry if we missed anyone new, drop your link in the comments and we'd love to have a look at your blog. Happy lunchtime!