West Kensington, that's the location of Leo Burnett, a long(ish) commute for both of us. Time invested best in books.
The last one we both read was e.

We wanted a novel, something easy to have fun with, and we found Matt Beaumont's book very very very funny. It's written completely in email. Amusingly it is set in a London advertising agency, which doubles the fun for us. It's hilarious, the said agency is pitching for a huge Coca-Cola account and everyone has gone bonkers – the Creative Director is stealing ideas off junior teams and tossing in stupid French words in every other sentence, très cool! The creative teams and pretty much everyone is spending more time in the bar than at their desk. TBWA, Trevor Beattie, a team from Watford, a sex tape, PA wrestling, hippie creatives, over-expensive shoots in the southern hemisphere and suicide attempts – the book is crammed with lots and lots of fun. Once you get into the different characters and their email style, you cannot put it down. Well worth a read.