The World's biggest drawing

Yesterday we picked up on an interesting piece of work. There's this guy, Erik Nordenankar, who wanted to make the biggest drawing in the world. So he took a suitcase with a GPS tracking device and gave exact instructions to DHL of where to ship this suitcase and in what order. By tracking the device through 62 countries and six continents and recording the travel route on the map Erik made a self portrait of himself.

Erik claimed it would be an art project, his graduation project indeed. We did not believe it and suspected it to be one of the coolest digital campaigns/virals of our time. Done by DHL. Today, we checked back on Erik's site and he states that this piece of work never happened due to his small budget. Read it here. We are a bit sad, as this seemed so so good. A shame that DHL didn't sponsor him to do it for real. It still adds to their brand though as they've let him film in their facilities. Kudos to Erik for the idea and for the very convincing fiction.