Door to stupidity

Back in the day when we used to visit W+K with our portfolio we never managed to open the door on the first attempt, consequently we felt a bit stupid. I mean it’s only a glass door with a plus-shaped handle and a buzzer on the right side which once rung informs Holly who then opens you the door to their Shangri-La. Now, normally you would push the door open because that's how doors are opened, but not this one.

As far as we know Wieden+Kennedy has the one single door in the industry that opens the other way.

You have to pull it, sounds simple but it's quite unnatural. Honestly said it was a bit annoying as we looked like a pair of idiots rigorously trying to push a door open when all it needed was a little pull.

Perhaps it’s just us and we’re a bit slow, but we’d like to believe it fits with their motto of walking in stupid every morning.

It’s our third day and we’ve just about got used to it. Now we thought wouldn't it be great if the door had a shuffle mechanism that would always change the direction the door has to be opened? That would be so stupidly great.