Great Short & Sweet

Today, after a bit of work and a Bookcrit (we saw Stuart from Mother, Hi Stu) we went to Short&Sweet to refill our inspiration cells with films & animations. The selection of short films was great, one of the best so far. If you have a spare hour tomorrow evening , make sure to go to the Tuesday Soho Screening, starting at 19.oo in the AKA Bar. You won't regret it, it's free and there's fabulous stuff to see.

The movie we liked most was The Raftman's Razor by Keith Bearden. It's on YouTube, but seriously, don't watch it! Go to the screening, get a drink, sit down on a comfy couch and enjoy it on a big screen, with a great audience around you. It'll make a huge difference. But only in case you can't make it, have a look.