After W+K

Five weeks go by fast. Too fast. Wieden+Kennedy was a fantastic place to be. We’ve got some good work produced and met some really friendly people on the way. Before we started we had heard how committed and positive WKers were supposed to be towards their work, it was true. In fact most the rumors we had heard were true – Amazing amazing amazing office. Friendly people. All about the work. Long hours. More Nike than at Nike Town. Pushing for work simply for the sake that it hasn’t been done before. No glass walls or closed doors.

One we’d like to add is the enormous amount of all staffers that are sent, approximately one every 10mins we’d say. ‘can I borrow a Nokia charger pretty please?’, ‘come get, brownies at reception’, ‘anyone remember the name of that guy on bbc1 last night, you know, white hair, big ears, kinda funny, probably cute when he was younger?’. We even got one from Dan Wieden (Jai is gonna nail this one on his wall).

A place we’d love to be but it’s not our time yet, however it’s not a dream we’ll be giving up anytime soon. All we can do is say a big thanks to W+K. What's next? We'll see. For now you can find us on the streets in various cafés around town, working on our book and other stuff.