BFI's Comic Book Season

I've been a huge fan of Superman since I could walk. Read all the comics, used all the stationary, wore all the t-shirts and might have even named a girl I fancied at school Lois. Since those days my obsession had somewhat calmed, but last night it all came rushing back. As part of the BFI's Comic Book season this August they had a one night only showing of Superman II. Oh my goodness, was it good. Overly camp acting, terrible effects, corny dialogue and more Amerciana than at a Bush rally in Ohio. I loved every minute of it. The best part was the fact they didn't use the remastered version. We were shown the original print, so it was grainy, the colour was faded and the sound was only a little better than what we'd expect from a Grundig cassette player from Argos. It felt the way it should have done, it was watched the way I have always wanted to see it; like it was 1980, for two hours I had gone back in time (well kind off).

For those into your comics, there's lots going on for the remainder of the month so if you get a chance I'd give the Southbank a visit. They are showing Persopolis from the 18th-20th Aug, never seen it before but it looks good. I was lucky enough to be given the tickets as a gift but I think they're about seven quid, totally worth it. Right, off to do some more people watching for our Feel brief.