D&AD Workshop – WHSmith

Ok, we didn't make any copies of the campaign we submitted to qualify for the D&AD advertising workshop, as we've been pretty busy with Nike stuff at that time. But as we went to the introduction session on Wednesday we received our work back and we thought we'll share.

The brief was: Create a campaign to encourage parents to spend more quality time with their children, by showing the range of products that WHSmith has to keep all ages entertained.

Here are the two campaigns we sent in.

Jai prefers the first one but I like this one more. We don't know yet which agency did set the brief. Maybe we'll find out and ask what they preferred.

We had a couple more starting points we've submitted as lines:
  • Adult Play Time
  • Invest in your assets
  • You'll need them once you're old
  • Playing makes you younger
  • Be a TV family
  • Make time before they make you to
  • Keep them younger longer