jai&wal at adam&eve

We’ve been on a placement at adam&eve since Monday and it’s quite sweet. Being a start up it’s around 20 people big and everyone is a busy bee. Originally we were penciled in for a month, however it's now two weeks as there aren't many briefs floating around. So out of desperation we're performing daily rain dances after everyone leaves asking for more briefs.

yet we were informed that they might cut it after two weeks if work won't be around.

Our first brief is for the Telegraphs online dating service, Kindred Spitis. Wait, no, don’t bother looking up our profiles, we disguised those quite well (they are for research purposes only). The office is near Leicester Square, that makes it our first agency in Central London, as before we’ve been either West (Lowe & Leo’s) or East (W+K). Central ad ghetto's fun.

Of course there is an apple tree here, we are yet to bite into one. Would you?