Shoe Circus

We were really surprised when Microsoft handed over their advertising account to Crispin Porter + Bogusky earlier this year. But it made sense! If there is one ad agency who can help them it must sure be CP+B, right? They had to make Microsoft cool – that's a mother of a brief. The campaign had to be better than those uber good 'Mac vs PC' commercials from TBWA.

Of course Crispins offices are full of Macs, I bet every single creative loves them – and now they have to make ads for Microsoft. Tough job. A couple of days ago they released the first TV advert. It's starring Bill Gates & Jerry Seinfeld, have a look:

I couldn't wait too see Crispin goodness and was disappointed by this average mix of celebrity power and no idea spot. Am I missing something? Maybe the follow ups are gonna rock the show? I'd so love to see Microsoft becoming cool with Crispins help. Their greatest challenge so far.

*This blog post is written on a mac