Workshop Mania

This workshop at WDMP has been like two weeks ago but the pictures were lost in limbo – that's me not finding my camera cable. There's also a video clip of a creative team singing their idea on this workshop, but they didn't seem completely happy about it popping up online without their approvement. That should teach us a lesson about asking permission.

Anyway, the workshop last week was canceled, it'll happen this week instead. We'll be at WWAV & Leo Burnett, the briefs are to make a digital campaign for NSPCC for the former and a campaign against Drink Driving for Leo's. Charity all the way. All of this comes as a side dish with our placement at Adam&Eve that starts tomorrow. But Wait. That's not all. If works piles up, it does so in a serious way. There's something else coming up in two weeks time which is already stealing our sleep. It should be good and and it should fun. We're excited.