The big guys

Let's see what the advertising god themselves have to say about the first job, the portfolio and dedication, all things which are discussed in the thread below. Black Bag, a worldwide creative recruitment agency interviewed some of the finest creatives about a career in advertising. These bits I like best:

“…The only thing I know is that if you want to make money one day, the only thing people are paying for in this industry, is the quality of your portfolio. It’s up to anyone to decide at what moment they want to move for money, but obviously, the more you work, the better your portfolio is. The best one you can get. It’s as simple as that. People will be ready to pay you because you’re the star of the moment or whatever, but at the end of the day, invest in your portfolio and one day you’ll be able to do exactly what you want. You’ll have the freedom to choose the agency, freedom to move from one country or another or the freedom to get lots of money. Portfolio means money.”

“…I'm a really big believer that your first or second job can really make who you are. You can be really imaginative but if you get bad Creative Directors at the beginning of your career they can point you in the wrong direction and make you do hack work and you may never get it back.”

"If I am gonna to be in this industry I wanna be the best at it. You can't guarantee that you're the most talented, I mean that's something I couldn't guarantee. But I could guarantee that I'd work harder than anybody else. For the first six or seven years, which is terribly for my social life, I'd probably slept in the agency two or three nights a week. I would work as long as it took. I forced myself to write as many ideas as I possibly could. So I would do stupid things like, I'd get layout pads and fill it with a hundred squares. Like post-it notes. And I couldn't leave until I filled each box with an idea, even if I loved the first idea."

Have a look at their site Diary of a Creative Director for more interviews.