Friday 13th

Who says it's a day of bad luck? Today's good. An hour ago we got the good news that the agency just won the big pitch we've been working on. But it's our last day at the Bank for now, they've asked us to stay on but we de-freelanced our diaries for the next two weeks to get a move on with our book and to see people. We're excited about seeing Mareka & Kim at BBH & Graham Fink (it was canceled yesterday). Also the preordered Resident Evil 5 is waiting at home for a relaxed evening of gaming horror. The first bottle was opened at 3 o'clock to celebrate the new client. We've got tickets for one of Michael Jackson gigs. And the envelope with our entry for the Cannes Young Lions print competition should have arrived at the guardian by now. Here's the poster we've submitted to answer the brief. Knock on wood.