Starting in Stockholm

All was packed and my room was empty by Monday. I took the plane to Arlanda in Stockholm and left my London life behind for now. I still don't realize that I went to a rather random place, Sweden that is. Stockholm is treating me well so far. The summer that didn't really kick in in England is warm and sunny over here. I got a cheap motel to stay the first few days and to fulfill the unofficial first Hyper Island module – finding a flat in Stockholm. And it's a huge mission. Everyone seems to be after a home here, and there are hardly any offers, so I'm still looking for a place to settle for the next 10 months.

I had the pleasure to meet quite a few Hyper students already and they couldn't be more diversified. It seems people came from all corners of the earth to learn the trade of interactive art direction here at Hyper Island. Norway, Lebanon, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Denmark you name it, they have it.

Up to now it's been super exciting and I cannot wait as tomorrow, finally, is the first day of the course at Hyper Island.

The city is very beautiful with a lot of water surrounding it

Most of the time we're checking the websites for new flat offers, refresh, refresh, refresh

A bunch of students are renting a house near the city called the 'Hyper Mansion', a great place for parties