New year. New job. New country. New life.

Tomorrow my creative partner Robbin and I will begin a new job at Cripsin Porter + Bogusky in their Boulder, Colorado office. We've been talking with them about a possible job for over a year now and have been visiting them for a round of interviews during summer. After some visa issues in the beginning of the year we finally signed a contract for a full time position as a creative team back in August. It took us and the agency a few months to get all paperwork in order to the H1B visa and the approval process. Now we're officially two foreign workers in a specialty occupation for three years in the United States of America. We already moved here in advance and are getting used to the chilly mountain climate before starting our new jobs tomorrow. The adventure continues, it's going to be a wicked year with big expectations and full of work. Bring on 2012. In America. At CP+B. With a great partner.