500 posts in 5 years

Exactly five years and 500 posts ago, on the 5th of October 2006 I started a blog and called it 'Creative in London'. I just moved to the English capital to pursue a career in advertising – an adventure in itself that together with this blog was (and still is) a great ride seasoned with ups and downs, exciting times and dry spells. From London to Hamburg to Stockholm to Tokyo this blog has seen me changing countries, jobs, creative partners, agencies, universities, interests and haircuts. Back then I didn't really have a clue what I was doing with this website – it was just for fun. Reflecting on everything now I can point out three themes that became dear to me and kept me blogging through good and bad:

The first thing is that this is a great way to document my journey and have a diary of sorts. The second thing is that I write here to keep myself thinking, questioning and reflecting, it's a collection of thoughts. The third reason is to share what I find moving or interesting and to connect with others through these thoughts and findings.

Every time I open this website I'm more than happy that I never stopped writing. I'm curious what the next 500 posts will be like. I hope they will be different as change is good. I will share more about culture, food, fashion and the bigger picture of creativity. But of course there will be advertising. It's still what I'm doing. Thanks for sticking around and reading this, I appreciate it. Comments and thoughts are always welcome. This blog is as much for me as it's for the ones reading it.

One final look in the rear mirror, eleven posts from the past that were defining, interesting, funny or random, enjoy:
  1. Games – the real new media
  2. Leo Lab Landing
  3. Interview with David Droga
  4. Rum alchemy
  5. Reflections from my internship at W+K Tokyo
  6. My lunch tale (creative writing)
  7. Workshop with IDEO
  8. Drawing of Spikey
  9. A creative team for today
  10. Advertising & Art
  11. The Hyper Island Way

A new Redesign

It's spring, time for newness. It's been a while since I changed something here, the blog design was getting a bit dusty. Especially the title 'Wal's Hyper Island adventure' was out of date, since I graduated last year – time flies. Sure, everything is still an adventure, but now it's pHI, post Hyper Island. Hope you like the new design, it's fresh and clean. Here's a last glance at the old layout.


Too much summer, too much work, too much fun, too many things at once – all no excuse to stop blogging. So that's me back. Excited! Hell yeah. Let's do this. Let's write this blog.

Tokyo blog

So far Tokyo has been overwhelming, in both cultural impressions and the amount of work that we have on out desks. Yet Robbin and I found some time to record some of it and we've collected the journey so far on our Robbin Waldemar blog.

It will be more of a quick photo blog and I will keep posting my thoughts here. We finished two major projects today, and I hope to reserve some time on the weekend to reflect on new learnings and to share them on here.

Life at the bottom

At the agencies we've been in London we met many interesting creatives. They had great stories to tell how they got into the industry and we thought often about it to sit down and record interviews with them to publish on this blog. We didn't have a chance so far as we need to sort out a job first. Saying that there is a fabulous website that just does that. Just recently they interviewed Tom & Selena from Fallon London which especially interesting for all aspiring London creatives. They also talked to teams/single creatives from places including Mother NY, Anomaly and W+K Amsterdam. Check them out at lifeatthebottom.com, it's a great read, especially the category Monday Morning Whip should keep you going.


We’re following Scamps example and switching to comment moderation. Now whenever a comment is left it will end up in our inbox waiting for approval. Restrictive? Maybe, but it’s our blog and we don’t like the way some people are abusing the comment function. Your opinions are always welcome as long as they stay constructive and don’t insult anyone.


Winter redesign

To celebrate the cold times ahead we imported some fine Scandinavian pixel snow and built two paper hat snowmen for our Creative in London backyard above. They might keep us company until the spring sun melts them away.

Please Feed the Animals

Times are rough, the economy's bad. First hand experienced by a senior copywriter from across the pond. Eric lost his job a few weeks ago, and started a blog for newly unemployed advertising people - Please Feed the Animals. I think it's a good read as it's not that different from getting your first job in advertising. Every little helps, right?

Creative Blog Roundup

It's time for another look at new creative blogs from around the UK and the whole wide world. It seems like new blogs are popping up daily, some are quite interesting, sadly lots of them quiet out rather soon.

I asked for a car, i got a computer

Ferris (not his real name) is a friend of ours and his posts are pretty amusing, he works in a big ATL agency in London.

Two men eating for three
Stu & James are a creatives & creative directors in a digital agency in London, their blog is a lot of fun.

A week in creativity
This one didn't have an update in some time but it's well worth a look. Robin, a creative from Belgium is hosting the blog and gets a different creative (team) from around the world to write about their week, great insights.

James & Joe
James & Joe are a creative team from the University of Leeds and we do like their blog. It's a collection of fresh stuff with some of their bits in between, don't miss out on their website!

The Barry & Troy Show
Cool stuff on this one, they did have an introduction text on them somewhere but I cannot find it now, but they have some interesting stuff to share.

Sara is a great art director working in Madrid, she started this blog where she takes bad ads and sprinkles her art direction dust over it to make them grande. Wicked.

Small Bears and Bogeymen
Luke and Wilf from UCA (third year) are pretty new to blogging, in fact they just started last week, but it's looking good so far.

One of our favorites. Lucy and Jade are a fresh team from St.Martins. They work at Work Club. No useful content at all, only lots of fun and random stuff.

Sal learned copywriting at the Miami Ad School and just finished his job in Beijing and switched over to Jung von Matt in Hamburg with his new partner Andres – good luck guys!

This is Us
Adrian & Mike are currently placementing (should be a verb) around London, they don't post often but when they do it's good.

Deviant Monkey
Hayley is from Wigan and she just found a Partner, Sarah, with whom she just started her first placement at Pravda, see how they get on.

It would never run
A blog with spec work that could never run, some are fun, some ridiculous, have a look. And if you have some yourself send them their way.

Biscuit Barrel
A Copywriter with the destination London for the first job is leaving his traces here.

Jack from Devon and Tom from Yorkshire have some great stuff online. They post their work and other thoughts in-between placements.

The Idea Bakery
An aspiring creative blogging her inspirations, observations and daily antics – stolen straight from the blog.

Mike & Phil
They graduated from the University of Lincoln and are now rocking London, they just finished their placement at JWT and started their next one. We're yet to have a drink with them, sorry guys.

Live broadcast from my mind
Javier's blog, he hardly posts, but I'm including him here because I wish he would, cool guy.

The Oxymorons
Dip and Rob are attending the Dare school (long placement scheme type of thingy) and they write fun stuff about their creative time.

Harry and Laura, a creative team I've met at the Shelf Award.

Guy and Sarah
One more team searching for their break in advertising, doing weekly ad reviews on their blog.

penny on the rail
A working London creative writes about stuff, and it's quite interesting

Toby's Blog
Toby is a creative writing about his interests, creative work and photography. Check out his sidebar, he seems to have quite a few blogs.

Oh my god it's a German
That's lovely Seb changing his blog for the Xth time, good read.

That should you keep busy for a while. Again, if we missed anyone, feel free to link to your blog in the comments. And thanks for reading ours.

Favourite Comments

Everyone likes responses on their blog. So thanks to all who ever commented, no matter good or bad; to the brave ones who logged in, and the provoking ones not revealing their identity. Some comments make us laugh, some encourage us, while others we remain silent about. Being a part of the blog they deserve a little more exposure.

That's why, we'd like to share our favourite ones. On the right hand side you may have noticed a favourite comments section. Might be good. Might not be, but then we can, always get rid of it.


My sister started a blog, writing about her studies (fashion design in Hamburg) and randomness around it. I'm really impressed with that and I quite like what she does. She doesn't read blogs, and she doesn't know how everything really works, but she does a fabulous job on finding out lots of stuff along the way, making up her own rules, not following others. So if you know German, have a read, if not, have a look at her illustrations. http://lachsbroetchen.blogspot.com/

Creative Directors take on Portfolio Night

Portfolio night's over. After the sunny weekend, blog reviews from Creative Directors on the event keep popping up. On the London night, Iain Tait, founder of Poke shares his experience. Check it out on his blog. He has given us a polite mention, which we're very happy about, cheers. More reviews from the other side of the table can be found here; Ronnie Lebow from Toronto, Sonya Grewal and Greg Christensen, Y&R Chicago Creative Directors, and a young creative from Boston who had to fill a creative director slot at the last minute.

More Creative Blogs

Lately lots of creatives have started blogging, we like that! So we thought we'd feature them. Without further ado. Lo and behold, new blogs for your creative advertising pleasures.

Carb Free Creativity http://carbfreecreativity.blogspot.com/
Big G and Digital Roy, two young creatives from glue London are writing this fun blog about random geeky stuff they stumble across and some bits and pieces about their sandwich revolution.

Ping http://lookingforping.blogspot.com/
Conrad and Alex are looking for ping, a creative team studying at Manchester Met, they documented their journey through the D&AD Workshop and share some of their work with you.

All about the Crit http://allaboutthecrit.blogspot.com/
Rachel Dutton and Debbie Castaldo, two young ladies trying to break into advertising, relentlessly going to crit after crit and reporting back from the opinion front.

Happy Thoughthttp://happy-thought.blogspot.com/
Matt Squarebrain is a guy with a pleasantly positive attitude. He works at AQKA London and writes about all kinds of fun and thought provoking stuff around our favourite topic – advertising!

The naked Copywriter http://hayesthompson.blogspot.com/
Hayes Thompson is a freelance London based copywriter bringing us amusing rants about interesting and annoying things.

After the savoy truffle http://afterthesavoytruffle.blogspot.com/
Chris is from Canada and gives us a peek at what's going on on the other side of the pond. Great read.

Tom's Blog http://www.tomandmike.com/
Tom is trying to get in, like most of us. He blogs about findings and bits of his work.

Inspyed http://inspyed.blogspot.com/
Bernd is a good friend of ours, a great art director (he's looking for a copywriter, give him a shout) and posts things that inspire him, and all of us sometimes.

CREAbites http://creabites.blogspot.com/
Natalie's blog is at the very beginning but we saw her stuff and we think it might turn into a cool place. She's a Spanish art director now trying her luck in London.

Averything Else http://averythingelse.blogspot.com/
Recently discovered we cannot say much about Adam's blog, besides that he posts lots of work, some quite good work!

Pisspoorenglish http://pisspoorenglish.wordpress.com/
A copywriter from South Manchester sharing his work in progress and portfolio on his blog.

No More Suits http://www.nomoresuits.blogspot.com/
Mark Lewis is currently on the Watford course and entered the Blogosphere quite recently, yet we think it's gonna be worth keeping an eye on his blog.

Seemore http://seymoursees.blogspot.com/
Tom Seymour is a young 3D designer who graduated from St. martins a couple of years ago, now he is working as a hybrid creative at Wieden+Kennedy London. He works on pretty exciting stuff – not to miss out on.

Puh, that'll keep you busy for now. Of course there are lots of other 'older' blogs but we've linked them before. Sorry if we missed anyone new, drop your link in the comments and we'd love to have a look at your blog. Happy lunchtime!

Google traffic

A couple of months ago I installed Google Analytics on my blog to get more detailed information about the traffic. A lot of it comes through Google – but the things people look for don't always match the content on creativeinlondon. Here are my top ten search inquiries:

  • impressing an art director with a package design
  • london christmas placement
  • creative things to do in london as a single
  • image of alex bogusky
  • creative night out in london
  • source of a book tightly shut is but a block of paper
  • lick creative london
  • cool cultured stuff "to do" "in london" the evening in london
  • buy kazakh art
  • amazing quality paper ideal for business cards in london

Thanks G. Maybe I need to write some posts to inspire singles in London, we'll see. My tribute to you Google, two print ads I did back in university – just for you:


This is my 103rd blog post. StatCounter says 13.000 people visited the site so far. I very much enjoy writing and will do more of it once some stress cools off. Stress? I'm having a bookcrit at a great creative agency on Thursday, didn't have a crit for some time now so I have the jimjams – but in a good way! Still, there are things to prepare and that's very enjoyable. I'll write about it, once it happens. Also the next AHA! is coming up soon. Good things to happen.