Dover Street Market London

Part two of my DERZEIT flying Paperboy assignment led me to London where I visited the Dover Street Market store. It's one my favourite clothing stores partly due to a great selection of Japanese brands headlined by Comme de Garçons. After I inspected all five floors of this style temple I met my former partner Jai for lunch and strolled through Brick Lane to enjoy the sunny weather. Somehow the whole day I kept bumping into old friends, even on the plane back to Berlin – it's a nice feeling in such a big city. London, you are missed.

German Invasion

Ever wanted to have your own german creative in the agency? Well, Kristin is up for hire, she's been freelancing in London for a few agencies for some time now and is looking for a permanent spot for her little german desk. She also made a lovely video to show what's included in the 'Hire a German' package. What do you say? Hire of Fire?

Catching up with London

It was great being again in London, we got lots of work done for our current freelance project but now I'm now back in Hamburg, while my creative partner Robbin is back in Sweden. We're finishing up this said project and planning our next move. Between post-its and markers we've met old and new friends, including my former partner Jai, senior creative and jedi-mentor Anuj and Alfred from Anomaly. The dog in the last picture was hanging around in the cafe where we met the Tesch brothers Johan and Mans.

W+K & Cruz

Hello from London, both Robbin and I are currently here. We're busy helping out on a project for the W+K Tokyo office but took a few hours today to visit the London office of Wieden+Kennedy.

We had a great chat about our work with Andy Cameron the interactive creative director, and senior team / creative director team Sidney Bosley and Rob Perkins. On top of that we ran into our Tokyo friend Eric Cruz. He had lots to share with us over a coffee, always a great pleasure to learn from him and his experience, thanks Eric.

Recruiting talent from London

I'm back in Stockholm after a great weekend with Hyper Island in London. After the island2island exhibition on friday being a great success with over 200 visitors the saturday was filled with meeting applicants for next years course. I can't tell much about the process itself as it's best left to surprise when people apply – Hyper Island wants applicants to be rather unprepared. Thanks for W+K for hosting this event and thanks to Hyper Island for letting me be a part of it. Going through the application process from the other side was quite an insightful experience.

Hyper Island in London

The Hyper Island Recrutiment Tour is back on the road again. The first stop is London and it's happening next week January the 23rd. The location is Wieden+Kennedy's Platform. I'm going as a student representative and will show a quick presentation about student life at Hyper. I'm very curious to meet new talented applicants, if you're intrigued apply here. The prior day is filled with Hyper activities as well, in the evening W+K is hosting a fabulous exhibition with work from the Digital Media class of Hyper Island with a surprise guest speaker – all information is to be found here island2island.

I am in the process of putting a presentation together and would like to have some input: What would you like to know about Hyper Island? Please leave a comment.

Bring it to life

The new ad from Guinness drops the 'Good thing come to those who wait' line and introduces 'Bring it to life'. I don't know about the strategy, it's seem more generic than the previous one, but maybe I'm missing a point. Yet the ad itself and the storytelling within it is stunning. By AMV/BBDO London.

ShelfAward 09

Do you know about the Shelf? It's an UK based award scheme organized by Gary Sharpen & Major Players for young integrated creatives. They set a brief for an integrated advertising campaign to participating universities and choose six teams that go forth to the final – which was yesterday at The Hospital Club. It's a bit like the the through the line alternative to the Cream Exhibition.

I had a look around and found some nice campaigns but in my opinion the work last year was slightly better overall. The Shelf is great thing to get young people out there, but the turn up of creative directors wasn't as impressive as last year – recession? Anyway, the team I favoured won in the end, so well done to Ed & Bryan. The guys do have a website up with their portfolio, have a look at their work if you like.

Portfolio Night 7

The Portfolio Night madness is starting up again with videos popping up slowly, like this one from David & Goliath who are hosting the event in Los Angeles. Tickets are already on sale for some cities, others are to follow. The event is a freaking great thing, it gives young creatives the chance to see Creative Directors with their books and get advice on them together with meeting like minded people. We enjoyed last year a lot, but this year it looks like there is no agency to host it in London. Come on people, who can we imagine hosting that event? Last year it was JWT.

Cut & Paste

On Saturday I made my way to Elephant & Castle to attend this years Cut & Paste. It's a digital design tournament with three categories, 2d, 3d and motion design. There are several rounds and the competitors have a slot of 20 minutes to design something that fits the given theme. The briefs they get were quite open like a record sleeve that's 'tongue in cheek', or a billboard about 'tough love'. It's interesting that the design process, which normally is quite intimate and happens behind closed doors, is shown so transparent to everyone.

It's good fun to have some beers and watch the designers on the stage sweating away trying to rock the show in this ridiculously short time frame with a genius idea. The crowd is cheering for their favourite competitor while the DJ plays a matching tune – it's designers performing on stage like rock stars, a great concept.

Visiting creative orchestra

Earlier this week we traveled to visit a new agency here in London called creative orchestra. Several people were chatting about this place in the first few weeks since they opened shop and this made us quite curious. Their office is hidden away in north Islington although full with nice stuff and a bunch of young people, in fact that's what this place is about: Young creative talent. Chris & Victoria, the founders and creative directors, want to assemble a force of 25 juniors from different creative disciplines and offer their services to clients on a project basis and to advertising agencies as an independent creative department. For the talent it means a different way of compensation, the more you accomplish the more you earn.

They have a few briefs floating around the place for interesting brands and seem to be a hive of busy idea bees as they also encourage the youngsters to realize their own ideas and develop original intellectual property. The place seems to have a a good vibe about it, fun is an integral part of their creative process. They pulled off a couple of stunts to introduce themselves to the industry, send aging cream to Mother, wrote a April's fool article on campaign and held a creative session for a day on the circle line.

They do enjoy being called the new Mother by others and had some positive comments from other rock star agencies like Anomaly. We'd say it's a teenage pregnancy so far, we'll have to give them the nine months to see how it works out with the motherhood. We salute their fresh approach which is rather relevant to us and many other young creatives out there. We're curious where it goes and the work to come out of creative orchestra. Maybe we'll even get to contribute.

Rodchenko & Popova

The Tate Modern is hosting a marvelous exhibition of the Constructivism movement that emerged in the Soviet Union. Rodchenko and the rest of the Constructivism gang compared the artist to an engineer – someone who arranges different materials to make something that fulfills a purpose. They applied their ideas to many medias and contributed to graphic design, architecture, clothing design and advertising. It's pretty amazing to see what they got away with working for the Bolshevik government.

As this movement rejected art for art's sake I'd like to imagine that this was the beginning of artist-designers in a modern sense. People who were using art in order to improve everyday life in practical aspects. For me Alexander Rodchenko seems like the first Art Director ever, he even designed lots of ads that Vladimir Mayakovsky, a Russian poet wrote copy for. It's well worth well checking out.

Delicious ads for dinner

Watching ads all night sounds fun right? RIGHT? Right.

That's why on the 16th of October we're heading to the Bloomsbury Theatre to the Night of the AdEaters. It features more than 350 films of the best Russian, Asian, African, South American and UK advertising spots. They like to call it 'advertainment' and source the spots from the worlds only library dedicated to TV and cinema commercials – the 'Jean Marie Boursicot Cinématheque'. Check out for all details and come along if you like. Bon Appetit!

Brief 2008

At the last AHA! we've met Ash, and together with our friend Ant they are starting something rather interesting: Brief 2008. Have a look at the specs.

What is it?

An informal industry showdown where teams from different sectors of the industry (that's you guys) go head-to-head to see who can best answer a digital brief, probably under the influence of alcohol. You'll be judged by top industry people not just on caliber of creative ideas but also their feasibility and potential longevity.

How does it work?
The basic format of the night will be an evening where planners, creatives, thinkers, designers PR people, and anyone else from any of agency will come together in teams and tackle a brief that will be given to you on the night. You'll spend 2 hours putting presentations together with advice from our after which the work will be presented and a decision will be made.

Who's judging?
So far we have confirmed the following judges:

Amelia Torode - Managing Partner of VCCP and head of Digital Strategy
Ben Milligan - Head of Planning at Holler
Iain Tait - Founder of Poke

Who should take part?
You! Creativity doesn't just lie with the creatives, especially when digital briefs are being discussed. We're looking for anybody within the industry with enthusiasm for generating good ideas. We're looking for six or more teams consisting of 3-6 people.

What's in it for me?
As well as free booze on the night you have the chance to show yourself off in front of senior people from some of the best agencies in town, and big bragging rights.

Where and when?
The Design Council, 34 Bow Street, WC2E 7DL.
Thursday 17th July - 6.30 pm prompt start - 10:30pm approx home time.

How do I register?
email with Team Name (and motto), members, where you're coming from. In order to avoid flakiness (as we know everyone is very busy) there will be a £10 per head charge which will be given entirely to charity. Once we have confirmed your attendance we will send over the 'just giving' account details.

UPDATE: The event is free now, no 10£ charge.

Looking for a team? Want to know more?
Start the discussion on the Brief 2008 Blog or the Facebook group.

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