Nike VS. the people

This is awesome. First the back story summarized: Lebron James, currently one of the best basketball players of the NBA has left his team Cleveland for exchange in Miami to get a better opportunity at winning the Playoffs. He was greatly criticized for this move, and it was seen as betrayal, especially from the Cleveland crowd. At the same time Lebron is one of the key athletes of NIKE so they released a great ad about him:

It's quite a statement. Similar to what NIKE did with Tiger Woods. Now it seemed to gain traction in culture as even South Park used this format just a week after the commercial aired. But earlier this month the best response was release – by the people of Cleveland:

It's a direct response to NIKE and turns their message around. Both videos have almost the same view count on Youtube. In my eyes it's a pinnacle of brand interaction in social media. It's not just a funny spoof with subtitles or a different voice over – it's a passionate and well produced answer by the people.

As an advertising creative, imagine having your ad commented on by the target audience and uploaded back to YouTube. But you'd have to say something people would care for in the first place.

Long but great

Some of the latest web content out there. All three videos are a bit long (3-5 minutes) but of all of them are worth watching. One is smart, one is funny and the third one is beautiful.

Knock some sense into them

Today Obama rolls into London to meet Mr.Brown – the City is expected to go nuts with demonstrations due to the G20 summit tomorrow. A lot of activists and charities are are on their toes trying to reach those politicians. Friends of ours are too, for Save the Children.

Take a few seconds, they don't want any money but you to sign the petition, it's a great cause.

Barclays Waterslide Competition

You might have seen BBH's waterslide ad for Barclays Bank. The digital counterpart to this is a youtube film competition to remake this ad. Friends of mine had a go their entry's called the Body waterslide, it's quite charming. If you agree give them your vote, they'd love to win the price – a world waterslide tour.

Looking through the entries there's another one that I find nice, the 8BIT waterslide version.

The World's biggest drawing

Yesterday we picked up on an interesting piece of work. There's this guy, Erik Nordenankar, who wanted to make the biggest drawing in the world. So he took a suitcase with a GPS tracking device and gave exact instructions to DHL of where to ship this suitcase and in what order. By tracking the device through 62 countries and six continents and recording the travel route on the map Erik made a self portrait of himself.

Erik claimed it would be an art project, his graduation project indeed. We did not believe it and suspected it to be one of the coolest digital campaigns/virals of our time. Done by DHL. Today, we checked back on Erik's site and he states that this piece of work never happened due to his small budget. Read it here. We are a bit sad, as this seemed so so good. A shame that DHL didn't sponsor him to do it for real. It still adds to their brand though as they've let him film in their facilities. Kudos to Erik for the idea and for the very convincing fiction.

Youtube films for Mother

Like last year, Mother London is asking 2nd and 3rd year creatives from Bucks new uni to produce and seed videos on YouTube. The teams/individuals that get the most views will win a placement.

We dug through all the films and ordered them by views. There are some good ones and bad ones. It's quite interesting that a couple of them are takes on Sony/Cadbury ads fom Fallon. We like the top two. We think that it's a great assignment, creating something viral is one of the hardest things to do, yet everyone, no matter the budget can do it - perfect for young creatives.

Designer Slash Model

'Sometimes I wonder. Is my work beautiful because I am beautiful?
Or am I beautiful because my work is beautiful?
It's probably a little bit of both.'

If you ever wondered how work & life is like in the creative industry, see the truth here at I discovered this gem a few months ago but never came around to post it. It is a brilliant self promotion /slash/ reel for Digital Kitchen, a US based motion design studio. Enjoy the video and remember – looking creative isn't enough, looking hot, that's the tiebreaker.

'It's as simple as this. Perfect people create perfect design.'

Games – the real new media

This has been on my mind for quite a time now. I am a big fan Games, all kinds of them. Chess (anyone fancies a match?), cards, board games and of course video games. I've started back with an Atari and played most of the 'important' video games systems in the last 15 years. Last evening I saw the hilarious Toyota ad for their Tacoma and tried the Yaris Video Game on Microsoft's Live, a multi player platform on the Xbox360. Here's the ad, it's running on US television and works very well as an online viral.

It made me laugh, since I used to play World of Warcraft back in the early days of the game. Nothing ground breaking though. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam used the Grand Theft Auto look for it's brilliant Coke spot and set the first step in this direction. Games in ads – a concept to use a world familiar to the audience to tell a story. The flip side – ads in games, or adgames is also well represented – the Burger King games who've won Titanium Gran Prix at Cannes this year for example.

I preferred 7Up's game with Cool Spot from 1993, they didn't need an agency to come with the stuff back in time, the only thing they got for it was 'Best Cartridge Music of the Year'. Anyway.

I consider video games as the ultimate media, the best way to tell something and engage. Why? Let's see. If TV ads are to be considered old media, and Internet is the new revolution then movies are old hat and games are the way forward. Unlike films which tell a story to a passive beholder, games have the ability of interacting with the audience and tell the story in much more engaging way.

Wait, aren't games more about jumping from one platform to the other without falling down to be eaten by the pink giraffes? These times are long gone. There are games telling epic plots, the game series Final Fantasy had several main protagonists falling in love, experiencing adventures and dying – an emotional journey for the player – only squeezed by the pixelated faces with three expressions. Yet granted toady's technology flashing by as fast as a rabbit on speed, games can already keep up with production values of movies, the quality of sound and picture is amazing.

Take a look at Bioshock, a game experience taking part in 1960 in a fictional underwater dystopian city built on the mid-Atlantic seabed. This game is full of tension, great music score, intelligent dialogs and a story that draws you in from the first few minutes and forces you to take moral decisions later on in the game that effect the whole shebang. Watch the trailer here.

It is time that a brand makes a serious game, driving around in a pocketbike racer might be fun for a while but so much more is possible. Will we see Cadbury's 'Food Sabotage' or Apple's 'iAdventure'? Will we see a new type of creative agency emerge? One that specializes in telling the story of a brand in an epic game? Boy, I can't wait. I'd love to be a creative, responsible for making a great game for a brand. BMW could follow up its film series by asking different game developers to create a game with their brand, mmhhh…

Young creatives doing it all *Part2*

We've reported on the YouTube video contest for Buck's 3rd year students. Now I've heard back from their (and my former) tutor Julie Wright that Mother looked through all the movies and decided, almost. Unlike we thought that the winners will be determined by the most views – Mother's creatives rather rated them creatively. The outcome: a tie between these three:
So these three creative teams now have to impress Mother in order to determine the placement winner, how? We're left in the dark but we wish them good luck! I'm happy that they didn't go by most views since this can be manipulated easily, as discussed here.