John Jay on creativity

When working for W+K Tokyo we had the chance to meet John Jay. In fact it was one of the most memorable moments of our Japan time. Early on a Saturday we met him at his Hotel to talk about our Tokyo experience over breakfast. Robbin and I both agree that so far John Jay has been one of the most inspiring individual we've met in the industry. He has a very distinct point of view on things and if we'd have to sum up the two hours we had with him in three points it would be these three things:

1. Embrace culture: be conscious about your own culture but really try to immerse yourself in other cultures that are different from yours, try as many different things as possible, break out of your cultural comfort zone.

2. Be part of your community: always take an active part in the society that surrounds you, talk and meet as many interesting people as possible, go far beyond the world of advertising and mingle with artists, fashion designers and other kinds of talented people

3. Do things: stop talking about all the ideas you had, have, and will have – and do more things, bring your ideas to life.

The following video interview by Fast Company gives you a good idea about John Jay and his inspiring nature.

Korean Rip off

Boy were we surprise when Robbin and I received an email from a Korean advertising creative last week. He's seen our Google Fashion Show ad that we did at W+K Tokyo and pointed us towards this fabulously bad rip off by a beverage company in Korea.

Our spot:

And below's the new spot from Korea:

I guess we should feel flattered? And our cast was much cuter.

W+K Tokyo after the earthquake

Japan. People back home keep telling me 'you left at the right time.' But I don't feel like that. I wish I would be in Tokyo right now helping – even if a little. Japan is such a great country and it makes me sad to see all the things happening there.

Now Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo recorded voice messages from people working in the office to reflect life after 11.3. It gives a good picture of their emotions, fears and expectations. For me, it feels very good to hear everyones voices again, I am very happy that at least all of my friends and past co-workers are fine and genki!

Help Japan

The devastating earthquake and the following tsunami that struck parts of Japan a few days back is shocking news. There's not much you can do but donate a little. So if you'd like to help get this poster, 100% of the proceeds go to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. Available here.

Goodbye Sukiyaki

On our last day at W+K Tokyo we prepared a japanese Sukiyaki lunch for the whole agency. That means lots of healthy vegetables and delicious japanese beef cooked on the table in tasty broth – mmmmhh. We rounded it off with some mulled wine and Swedish ginger cookies for desert. No way on earth we could have handled the japanese food part on our own without the fabulous Michiyo helping us – Arigato! It was a great last day!

Mega thanks for the photos to my sister Anna who visited me that week in Tokyo.

Back from Tokyo

I'm in Hamburg to spend the holidays together with my family and friends. Our contract at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo for now is finished, we had a great time and it was an amazing adventure. We might return for a project or two but for now we're taking a break in order to figure out our next challenge. And yes, it's christmas time, so Ho Ho Ho and merry christmas to everyone!

My first TV shooting

Many months and many concepts has gone by in Tokyo with only little bits of pieces coming through. Finally one of our scripts is approved and we've been shooting a little 30 second television commercial for Google last week. We're now entering editing madness and listening to tons of music. The schedule is very tight and we expect the commercial to air in two weeks already on japanese TV.

The Internship movie

Here's a video about our internship at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo. We've recorded and edited it back in June, as part of our Hyper Island internship assignment. The purpose was to share our experiences with our classmate and to do some reflections. We weren't able to attend the graduation days back in Stockholm since the journey from Tokyo was a bit too far. One thing that was missing from the movie is the happy end. Our last day as interns was the 1st of July, since then we've been employed as a freelance creative team by Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

10 reflection from six weeks of internship at W+K Tokyo

It's internship half time. My Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo internship asked all my time from me for the last six weeks. I really should have blogged a bit more about it. Now I'll have to cramp six weeks of Japanese craziness and work madness into one post. A list of ten reflections is the format. Let's go.
1. Working in a different language and culture. It takes time to get a sense of the culture, it's a never ending task catching up on a whole different world. But it's sometimes good to ignore it, and to look at things from a fresh angle. Also, because of language and copy I think that being an art director is easier abroad. I wrote a decent amount of copy here including headlines, tag lines and manifestos and it's always a bit heartbreaking seeing it being translated without having any influence on it.
2. Work/life balance in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Something that I need to improve on for sure. Currently I spend to much time at work when there's such a great city around me that offers unlimited amounts of inspiration and opportunities. I want to work more outside the office and be more efficient when working at the office so I can enjoy Tokyo more.
3. Asking for too much work. When we arrived at W+K we asked to be challenged. And we got what we asked for. Being on three projects at the same time is mostly fun, I like that a lot. It's nice being able to switch between briefs once stuck. It only gets tricky when presentations are very near to each other and especially when they are on the same day. So I'd like to think more about my resources. It's just way too tempting getting a shot at all the interesting stuff.
4. Being 'only' an intern. There are awesome things and there are things going on that I think could be done better. But how to give that feedback and address it? Is it worth doing at all? As an intern? I need to reflect about this one a bit more and find a way to do this in a smart way.
5. Integrated communication. After going to Hyper Island I was a little bit worried being labeled as a digital creative. I'm very happy it didn't turn out that way. We get to work on different media across the board, from TV to PR to packaging to web. Ace! Just what I wanted. Saying that I need to improve in script writing skills to be better with TV briefs.
6. Creative partnership 24/7. I'm working and sharing an apartment together with my creative partner Robbin. Most of the time it's great fun. But sometimes it's too much. The Hyper methods we picked up, help us quite a bit to resolve problems. We should continue doing that more and keep working on the partnership.
7. Idea development. Hyper Island was all about big teams and processes. Here at W+K it's back to the creative duo. It feels very familiar to the way I worked in London. I need to think about processes, there's always ways to make idea development more efficient and compelling. Looking for new methods and actively trying them out should be a goal for me. As well as collaborating with other people. For a women specific brief we invited two girls from the agency to an idea development session, it turned out to be very helpful.
8. Using agency resources wisely. W+K has a great design studio and fantastic animators. I want to spend more time with these people and learn from them. I would like to get involved in a W+K lab project and work on a music video.
9. Keeping in touch with the other side of the world. Time difference makes it quite tough to Skype with family and friends. It's very important and I need to make more time for it. Included staying in touch with my IAD'10 classmates.
10. Never forget Hyper Island. Every day that passes by I realize more about all the great things I've learned back at Hyper Island and how important they are. The way of working is crucial to success, no matter what I do. I need to come back to these learnings on a daily basis. It's just way to easy too forget about them and drift into a daily routine.

That should do for now. I appreciate any comments.

Arriving at W+K Tokyo

W+K Tokyo gave us a great welcome when we arrived last week. Due to a chaotic first day in Tokyo that was all about finding a place to live we could only show up in the evening on tuesday, just in time (or a bit late) for a get together to celebrate one of our newly fellow creatives (Rock) going to Cannes as one of the young lions competing for Japan – represent!

After settling in we're already on three projects and we're having a great time, it's both challenging and a lot of fun. Trish, the managing director already found time to announce our arrivel on the W+K Tokyo blog.

W+K Tokyo Lab

One of the many things W+K Tokyo does to keep fresh is W+K Tokyo Lab – a hybrid music label concept. They collaborate with all kinds of Tokyo artists to create music, visuals and other creative expressions to create new experience. Here's a new music video that they've created for Chinza Dopeness. Maybe we'll get a chance to get involved in some kind of way.

Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo!

After more than 15 offers from all around the world we finally decided on our internship destination:

The contracts are signed and our tickets are booked – Robbin and I are going to Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo. We had a fantastic Skype interview with their new ECD's Naoki Ito and Frank Hahn and they decided to take us in for three months to work on Playstation, Nike and Google over in their Japan. So I guess this blog takes another turn from Creative in London, to Stockholm over to Creative in Tokyo.