Another lunch tale

A path never walked upon is not a path.

It is by human definition an undiscovered place out in the open. To be exact, it is to be found in a far away land, the backyard of the galaxy, in the Chihuahuan desert. The only mention of this untrodden path, besides in this story, might be a blank space on some forgotten map. Yet an uncompleted map, made by a careless discoverer that hurried through the sands claiming left and right to be identical. But little did he know what he missed out on. Rooted to the ground vegetated a little fella, a goody-good and devoted peyote cactus.

Spikey, as he likes to call himself due to lack of imagination, has only one single purpose in life, to guard the path that is never walked upon. From the the first he shoot through the soil he immediately began to watching the path very carefully. Whether he knew who assigned him to guard this wonderful place of nothingness we dare not guess. You see, Spikey pierced his lips when he tried to speak his first words back in his green childhood. Ever since, he remained silent, yet always proud of his mission.

With every rain, which came achingly seldom, he grew taller and saw more of the path. His responsibility grew with every inch of his body and it was just a matter of time, he imagined, until he'll spot the first intruder of his habitat. In the the meantime – only when no one was around, which happened rather frequently – Spikey used his favourite 39th thorn to inject his own vegan mind with a tiny bit of his own poison, mescaline. Such a moment is about to happen as we speak and it just might be the most exciting and maybe last day in Spikey's life…

vision's clouded. no wind, yet dangling slightly back and forth. the one reoccurring thought of the peyote cactus comes back again. free, free from the ground, walking loose on the earth, abandoning the path. what an idea, sacrilege! discover everything. leave no blank spaces on any maps, and free all those creatures who guard them. even the rabbit. what rabbit? the one rabbit. spikey shakes away the dizziness and sees the rabbit. it's eyes are filled with madness. the rabbit's undignifying the unwalked path. running towards him, tossing the feet high up in the air. think quicker, what to do? thorns. adjust them in the rabbits direction, en garde! spikey cries out just before the rodent rams the guardian of the place. separated from the ground and the roots the cactus whirls into the air, glancing at the rabbit waiting at the same spot on the ground. spikey lands on the rabbit. the loudest silence since your mom walked in on you. precisely 1982 thorns are rammed into the rabbits back, his eyes now glowing green, the mescaline kicks in. stuck to the rabbit. tears run down spikey's dry body, and a last glance on the path…

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Live hacks for creatives

One of the most important things in our culture is productivity. Especially when you work in a creative job. Getting your priorities right and spending the right amount of time on the stuff that really matters and pushes your forward is crucial. There are millions of articles, books and websites on productivity and time management but Lateral Action tackles effectiveness from a creative point of view. Quite interesting. Their recent article includes a small contribution from our side Social networks for Creatives

Some of their popular ones are:
My sister keeps saying, no matter what you do, be a Rock Star, always.


We missed Short&Sweet last night, they took a break for a couple of weeks and came back with a bang yesterday. Good that our spy Bernd, from Inspyed distilled the evening to one great short movie from Phillip Van 'Come wander with me'. Have a look, it's gorgeous. And if that makes you want to wander on this rainy London day, make sure to check out Björk's new music video, wanderlust as well.


Welcome to random red wednesday. Strangely we're both wearing red today, and fortunately we found these ridiculously awesome odd japanese commercials. They are showing how Tarako's Kewpie Pasta Sauce is invading the planet with their red dolls. Sticky music, great casting and fabulous costumes from the 50's give those videos a crazy spin way beyond quirkiness. We love them, we would die to see stuff like this running in the UK. Tarako!

Found on Kitsune Noir through Notcot

Secret Cinema

Shhhhh...we're not really supposed to talk about this but we thought we'd risk sharing it with you guys. Wednesday night we discovered Secret Cinema for us for the first time. It was awesome. We had to sign up online and pay for tickets on Tuesday, and believe us it’s quite odd handing over hard earned cash for something that is a mystery. However we gave it a punt and it was no disappointment.

So yesterday morrow an email pinged up with a reference number and time, telling us to meet at the Royal Academy of Arts; quite plush, not what we were expecting. Anyhow we turned up and witnessed the most disorganized and perhaps most immoral queuing system known to man. We thought we’d be a bit clever and ‘bad’ and jumped the swarm bringing us closer to the entrance; however to our dismay there were people rather more cunning than us. As a result we quickly found ourselves nearing the last people that entered. Note to self - never underestimate a Londoners creative queuing resolve.

Still, the atmosphere was beaming with excitement, with performers in pink outfits running around and mumbling nonsense to one another, a mini orchestra blaring and a Dick Tracy type photographer with an old fifties camera taking pictures during the queuing chaos. Clearly a clue to the movie but we weren’t cultured enough to guess which one. Eventually we got in to see even more performers, even stranger now.
Secret Cinema were also kind enough to provide lots of freebies and after a great short the film - The Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn. Certainly not something we would have watched if we had not gone, but it was a pleasure indeed. A motion picture full of wonderful acting and marvelous dancing. The movie choice seemed to accompany the London Fashion Week very well and everything around it fitted the plot. We found out about this through le cool magazine, give it a go.

Things you do not need…

…but love to get for free.

Matter, the direct mail experiment – I've read about it on Russell's blog. It is a box full of stuff you actually enjoy receiving. Intrigued by this idea and being within the target audience (for males, aged 25-35) I signed up just before the deadline and received the box on Saturday. First I was surprised by the nice packaging with it's stylish colour and branding. Carefully I unpacked it and was pleasantly overwhelmed by the things inside.

My flatmates gathered around the box quickly and forced me to forward them the details so they can receive the next one as well. Which will happen summer this year, as far as I know. This first Matter pack contained nine items from different brands. Ranging from a calender (Virgin Atlantic) to a simple product sample of Original Source (mint and tea tree, most refreshing shower gel ever).

'In an increasingly virtual world, we're beginning to appreciate the value of real things. Matter is a box full of interesting stuff–a way for companies to talk to people by giving them things.' We like this approach. You can find out more about Matter here.

Our favourite pieces are to be found below, a wristband for Wii, simple and great. Music Monster, a cute mini-toy / phone pendant for Sony Ericsson and a double pack of Play-Doh for Sony Bravia. The later two are done by iris.

Efficient creativity

Everyday. Everyday we get together and work on our portfolio. We are not on placement. This is good, and bad. We can spend all the time on our own stuff, but we're missing the structure. We don't have a place to work.

The Home – is a jungle full with dangerous distractions. A café – initiates the transformation into a caffeine junkie, spending a fortune on a daily basis. Interruptions are frequent, in the middle of an idea we think of that person we have to call in order to get a portfolio review. We decided we need to be way more efficient. On the same day I stumbled upon a great e-book. It's called Creative Time Management, and it is quite good. Of course we know some of the things in there, but like with many of these book we need to be reminded to actually take action. Get it here. It is written by Mark McGuinness, a creative coach who I've met last year at a coffee morning. Have a look at wishful thinking, his blog for more tips on creativity.

On our quest to squeeze everything out of our brains we'll try to share more about this. For now, I'm on my way to a place to work, which just might be awesome, we'll see.

'08 Mugs

This week we’ve been saying hello to some of london’s creatives by giving them their very own personalised Creative in London mug along with some chai tea. Hand crafting them was an absolute nightmare at first but soon became a rather soothing experience, providing flashbacks of our more innocent days at primary school. Well today we delivered them all and now can’t help but gaze at our inbox for replies. Fingers crossed.

Oh and big thanks to all at the London Graphic Centre for your help.

WK seeking

Wieden + Kennedy's Portland office started a recruitment campaign for all kinds of creatives a couple of weeks ago. I you are a creative person of any kind apply. Even if you do not consider working there, apply. It's an application that is fun to fill out, on top it is both, inspiring and motivating. Go to – you can't do wrong.

'This is it. The major casting call for all of the best of the best. If you don't know if you are the best, apply. If you can tell a good joke, apply. If you can use proper toilet etiquette (see below), apply. If your mom thinks you are handsome, apply. If you are a designer, a writer, a creator, a thinker, apply. Take a risk and the payoff could be huge.

This just might change your life.'

Digital Trinity

Here are my currently three favourite digital advertising pieces, stuff I get excited about. All different but all lovely indeed, stuff I wish I would have done. What's currently on your to like list?

First, the latest work for Burger King from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, asking themselves, what would happen if BK would discontinue the Whopper? Captured with hidden cameras and very amusing (although I am curious if all reactions are completely genuine), see the video at

Next up is such a simple yet fantastic idea for SIXT, a car rental company in Germany. Jung von Matt used Google Ad Words to communicate visually via ASCII art. Brilliant! See it in action here.

A holding page for a new advertising start-up from youngsters Leo & Jo who just left Saatchi & Saatchi New York. Contagious communications, I'd love to enjoy this one interactively, mouse over manually to let more mouths speak – still great!

Oh and not to forget, as a bonus, the new clip from Lean Mean Fighting Machine, a very sticky song. Demphones, demphones...

More greenness

It is freezing cold outside. Just wait for January and February, it's gonna be even colder. Wait. Maybe not, climate change is on the rise, so our winter is gonna be warmer. That's the moment British Gas should start to worry. Pollution. Planet heating up. Higher temperatures. Less heating. Less money for British Gas – oh no!

Wouldn't it be logical for them to make a campaign to save the earth and stop climate change. Keep the planet cool so they can continue heating. Cause it's the best for the planet, for the people, and for their stakeholders.

Designer Slash Model

'Sometimes I wonder. Is my work beautiful because I am beautiful?
Or am I beautiful because my work is beautiful?
It's probably a little bit of both.'

If you ever wondered how work & life is like in the creative industry, see the truth here at I discovered this gem a few months ago but never came around to post it. It is a brilliant self promotion /slash/ reel for Digital Kitchen, a US based motion design studio. Enjoy the video and remember – looking creative isn't enough, looking hot, that's the tiebreaker.

'It's as simple as this. Perfect people create perfect design.'

My lunch tale

moo said the cow to the rabbit, and the little sweet rodent nodded and continued to chew that shiny yellow carrot he found in the mysterious forest. its teeth went numb and it decided to chew on the cow instead which was struck by the randomness of the rabbits behavior 'mooooo, why do you chew me, mooo?' asked the cow. the rabbit but, flexed his eyes and just for a wee second looked like a squirrel with nut diarrhea. silence hushed over the rabbits lips and the rodent mouth spitted out a mixture of carrot and beef. for a second it resembled a disgusting yet delicious meal – alike the petit lunch your mother used to cook on a good day. 'ratatouille du vache' whispered the rabbit full of evil madness and started to run tossing his feet high up in the air. the cow instead took its bell from it's neck and hurled yet missed it towards the hurrying fugitive. 'stupid lapin, i'll get you sooner or later and you will, moooo, see what i can do with a carrot.'

Green workshop brief

(redesigned for my viewing pleasures)

I received the D&AD Workshop Brief. It is for 'As Nature Intended', an organic store chain in, located mainly in London. Does anyone have a clue who've set this brief?

I am kind of annoyed by it, don't get me wrong the brief isn't bad. No, the brief is alright in itself. Here are three products/brands that were used to set the last three D&AD workshop briefs:

  • Ford Focus Flexifuel, a car running (partly) on renewable resources
  • Government campaign to fight CO2 emissions made by cars
  • As Nature Intended, an organic, and green store

Anyone sees the pattern? I'm getting a headache from this greenness. What to do?


Graham Fink, M&C Saatchi's creative director is organizing is the brain behind theartschool– a creative gathering for idea minded people. It has been a long time since the last session and this time the guest speaker is Alan Yentob, (he must be a cool guy since he has his own wikipedia page – is that the standart to judge?) creative director of the BBC. It will take place next week on the 5th of December (same day as Publicis' Christmas party, woohoo), starting at 2pm sharp. Come along, but drop them an email first to

It's free and it sounds like good fun, there is also a placement at M&C's at the end of it for 'the most promising people'.

Rum alchemy

A few months ago my flatmate & I spend a day making our flavored own rum. After getting the finest ingredients from London's Borough Market we mixed three different flavours. First one is cherry and chili then peach, ginger and honey and finally a balanced berry mix out of cranberries, raspberries and strawberries. All infused with a combination of three different Havana Club rum's. They have been shaken once a week for months now and are soon ready to be tasted. Mmmhhh...

They fit a celebration – it seems some reasons are coming up soon.

The Kaiser - Germany's ad prophet?

Countless young and old creatives from germany are fleeing their country. They long for more glory. They are attracted by the 'holy idea grail' that the UK promises, as the most creative place on earth.

Is it still? I'd like to think so, since I'm here now – but let's not go there, lots of other blogs (Robert & Richard) discussed this pretty well before.

Now, there is a pretty good chance for other countries to grab the flag and run forward and lead. And I'd like to allege that germany is in a great position for that. So thinks The Kaiser. Check out his blog, especially if you're german. Make up your mind if he's the one to lead.

Feedback on the Hummer strategy

A month ago Jai and I submitted our entry for the Advertising Planning School of the Web, a strategy for Hummer. Now we've received feedback saying:

'What I find interesting in this is that just like Seb, you’ve identified a bunch of really interesting ideas and then went for the most ‘creatively pragmatic’ direction which is basically a “FUCK YOU” to people who think HUMMERS are for gas-guzzling, gun-toting wankers.

I am all for pragmatism and boldness in creativity but at the heart of your idea is an advertising concept rather than something that would achieve motivation regardless of communication - and whilst it would generate tons of PR, awards and talkability, it would not necessarily translate into sales.

Saying that, you are the only ones who really took on an ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL approach … and while that would probably work VERY well in some countries/cities [Texas?] in alot of other markets, we felt the social-pressure to be ‘responsible’ may actually minimise sales rather than increase them...'

Very good constructive feedback, we fixed some parts of the strategy and maybe there will be a campaign for my book out of it. Thanks Rob and the judges for the thoughts and I'm waiting for the next assignment! You can read the whole feedback here on Rob's blog.