A family crest

While the Royals were getting married I had my own share of family history. My dad turned 50 last week and because of us being such a large family I decided to create a family crest as a gift for him to bear.

It holds a few symbols but mainly speaks of solidarity, growth and the joy of life. It was great fun to work on.

Drawing of Spikey

Since installing the Brushes application I can't stop playing around with it, sketching random things. It's a super simple program that lets you paint with your fingers on the iPhone. But it just got better as I discovered you can use the free Brushes viewer that tracks every single stroke of your painting so you convert it into a movie. Here's the time lapse of my first effort, Spikey the cactus.

Have a look at the finished painting.

Nothing new

Last couple of days were a nice break from the blog, just a bit lazy really. Enjoying the non existent summer, writing stories (about a cactus), reading books (advertising), working on our portfolio (a hairstyling brand) some design stuff (branding for a food franchise), calling agencies (new London office of the Brooklyn Brothers) and more stuff. In a bit we're off to the D&AD Workshop introduction session which takes place tonight. Hope to take some pictures there.

Rum Alchemy II

It's this time of the year again. The weekend before last I made my way to Borough Market afresh to obtain selected ingredients for another round of flavor Infused Rum. I bottled and mixed the dried fruits and spices on the day. Now it's going to take the three bottles at least a couple of weeks – ideally around three months – to unfold their flavors and sync together perfectly. The most important thing is patience and a weekly shake. I'm also rather curious how they will turn out compared to the ones from last year. It's less sugar and a bit more fruits this time. Maybe for these three I will get around to do what I wanted last time and design some labels for the infused rum. Let me introduce the cast:

Creatives' Paradise

Just before we left Leo Burnett we finished a little side project for them, an invitation to a party for the creative department in a place called Paradise – just a bit of fun.

What the heck?

Take seventeen, Action! Thursday we spent the day in the studio (ehm, home) filming vegetables. Who are these tomatoes? Does anyone have an idea of what we're up to? The first one to guess what stuff/scene we were filming there, will get a small prize at the next AHA!

Leave your tip as a comment.

'08 Mugs

This week we’ve been saying hello to some of london’s creatives by giving them their very own personalised Creative in London mug along with some chai tea. Hand crafting them was an absolute nightmare at first but soon became a rather soothing experience, providing flashbacks of our more innocent days at primary school. Well today we delivered them all and now can’t help but gaze at our inbox for replies. Fingers crossed.

Oh and big thanks to all at the London Graphic Centre for your help.


This is yaolee, an idea I designed back in university. It's a wellness drink based on chinese herbs extracts to refresh mind and body – it comes in a small bamboo like packaging with a bright red brand mark on the front. I am a big fan of brand & packaging design and this is probably my most favourite piece I made.

My lunch tale

moo said the cow to the rabbit, and the little sweet rodent nodded and continued to chew that shiny yellow carrot he found in the mysterious forest. its teeth went numb and it decided to chew on the cow instead which was struck by the randomness of the rabbits behavior 'mooooo, why do you chew me, mooo?' asked the cow. the rabbit but, flexed his eyes and just for a wee second looked like a squirrel with nut diarrhea. silence hushed over the rabbits lips and the rodent mouth spitted out a mixture of carrot and beef. for a second it resembled a disgusting yet delicious meal – alike the petit lunch your mother used to cook on a good day. 'ratatouille du vache' whispered the rabbit full of evil madness and started to run tossing his feet high up in the air. the cow instead took its bell from it's neck and hurled yet missed it towards the hurrying fugitive. 'stupid lapin, i'll get you sooner or later and you will, moooo, see what i can do with a carrot.'

Get naked – Get creative

The Young Creative Council is a facebook group for all kinds of creatives, just like the Creative in London group, which hosts more than 400 members nowadays. The evening was filled with life drawing and a big amount of young creative minds. I enjoyed meeting new people and making friends.

Unique drawing styles everywhere. The art teacher gave everyone advice which helped a lot. Graham (red shirt) very much enjoyed the evening, and kept drawing only hair. Interesting.

I haven't been doing life drawing for quite a while now and it was refreshingly great – I can only recommend this to all art directors.

The outcome was astonishing.

Of course we went to the pub afterwards, free drinks inclusive! Thanks to Three Blind Mice who sponsored this event.

Graham (right) was picked as the art teachers favorite and went home with a bottle of exquisite champagne. Earned I say. I liked the drawing on the left as well.

Craig was the one started it all, thanks to him for this brilliant evening.

Not thinking, doing

Advertising. We read about it. We watch it. Care about it. We make it. We're interested in reviewing ads, discussing them, liking them or hating 'em. Lately I noticed I care a small but unhealthy amount too much about this business. I try too hard…

It's like being 25 and having an idea what advertising is. Frankly, I shouldn't have an idea what advertising is. And I shouldn't care about finding out.

It's the hardest thing to obtain the view of a child again. To forget the textbooks and stop being a schoolboy. I'm not talking about going cold turkey on campaign magazine. The key shall not lie within ignorance but rather in an open mind for other things. Seeing more, and most importantly doing more. Not thinking, doing. Stuff. Whatever. But doing. Let's see where that takes me.

Rum alchemy

A few months ago my flatmate & I spend a day making our flavored own rum. After getting the finest ingredients from London's Borough Market we mixed three different flavours. First one is cherry and chili then peach, ginger and honey and finally a balanced berry mix out of cranberries, raspberries and strawberries. All infused with a combination of three different Havana Club rum's. They have been shaken once a week for months now and are soon ready to be tasted. Mmmhhh...

They fit a celebration – it seems some reasons are coming up soon.


Doh! Brainstorming about ideas is done best when playing with something at the same time. Use your hands for random things and it stimulates your brain. I tried this yesterday using white clay. The outcome - I call him Monsieur Craquè. Any good ideas? Not really. Do I care? No, claying was a lot of fun. Let's see, Monsieur Craquè seems lonely on my desk...