Korean Rip off

Boy were we surprise when Robbin and I received an email from a Korean advertising creative last week. He's seen our Google Fashion Show ad that we did at W+K Tokyo and pointed us towards this fabulously bad rip off by a beverage company in Korea.

Our spot:

And below's the new spot from Korea:

I guess we should feel flattered? And our cast was much cuter.

Long but great

Some of the latest web content out there. All three videos are a bit long (3-5 minutes) but of all of them are worth watching. One is smart, one is funny and the third one is beautiful.

Rockabilly awesomeness

On today's late sunday afternoon just outside Yoyogi park near Harajuku Station some Tokyo Rockabillies are having some fun. My favourite dancing part starts 2 minutes and 5 seconds in. I should learn some of those dancemoves.

Where the creative things are

Last week we discovered a new way of researching (stalking) ad agencies that we like – by checking up on their office via Google street view. It's a bit of fun and gives you a glimpse into the area they are located in and how different their buildings are. Below are some of the offices we found:

Droga5 in New York

Wieden+Kennedy in Portland

Anomaly in New York

If you should find any other creative offices around the world with Streetview, please share with us.

Motion Week

We just ended motion week, wich I could not fully enjoyed as my Macbook crashed on me on monday. RIP hard drive. So I only joined in the After Effects fun yesterday and made this short contribution above. The brief was to do any kind of film with the topic swine flu for 5-10 seconds.

Drawing of Spikey

Since installing the Brushes application I can't stop playing around with it, sketching random things. It's a super simple program that lets you paint with your fingers on the iPhone. But it just got better as I discovered you can use the free Brushes viewer that tracks every single stroke of your painting so you convert it into a movie. Here's the time lapse of my first effort, Spikey the cactus.

Have a look at the finished painting.


The weekend was great, Pink Floyd music, snow in hamburg, foreign movies, fish, crazy americans and friends. Now catching up with Mad Men and mulling over the notes from todays bookcrit, we saw another creative director. More about this tomorrow.

Happy 2009!

Happy new year to all our readers – we hope everyone's celebrating this one properly, we certainly are. Jai Wal will be back next week when we're together again in London. So long, fill the first days of this year with fun and happiness.