Dude, get the dust off the book!

Today saw this years first book crit for us, and it was at Wieden+Kennedy, not a bad way to start. As expected it was great, the team, Fabian & Ida was really nice, gave some great suggestions and asked us to stay in touch since decisions about placements are to be made. We seemed to be a bit rusty and should have asked more questions to wheedle more out of them about the bad sides of our book, but hey. Oh, they did like the mugs we've sent them.

Next station led us to Covent Garden to see Rory at The Talent Business to have a good old natter. All that was missing was Helen Daniels from Ramsey Street. The session proved to be very productive and exciting. To wind the day down we ended up in Masala Zone, great decor, great service, great food, a gem of a find (see snap of the day). More things to come.

Cream '07 retrospect

It is over. It was stressful. But very much worth it. The evening started early with a briefing with the Talent Business at 5 o'clock. The exhibition was formed of over twenty young creative teams or individuals, most of them from the UK but with special appearances from international teams as far away as North America, New Zealand and Australia. After setting up our stand we took some time to go around and gaze at some work. I was very much impressed with the standard of most of it, great stuff.

The exhibition was open to the creative 'public' from six o'clock on, it was amusing – the clock turned six and all the creative teams were watching the doors, tension in the air. The poor guy who comes in first will be attacked from all sides. Surprisingly, it was fine. Many people turned up, lots of creative directors, senior creatives, talent spotters and other important people in suits.

I exhibited with Jai, a copywriter I worked with the last couple of months, as well as doing some campaigns back in university. There were two rooms full of work, we were lucky enough to be in the one with the bar, so lots of people hanging around and looking at the work. Awkward to lurk around your book and wait for someone to talk to. They should have had pictures of the creatives next to the work like last year. We could grab some contacts, so it was very much worth it. Since I was in the cream exhibition last year, I was very happy about the clean stands – good exposure for the work. Last year was crammed, everyone customized their stands and it looked more like a circus. Personally speaking, it felt like there were more people attending last year, maybe that's because of the location being in east London, rather than central. They should have advertised with being close to the shoreditch house :)

This morning we had a first email from a creative director asking me and Jai to come for a placement starting on the 1st of October. Sadly, Jai will not be able to take it up since he's going to take a marketing job on the dark side, the client side. Please, please, let a good copywriter fall from the sky for me, I will do everything for it, I promise…

Anyway, thanks a lot to the great Talent Business crowd including Rory, Davina, Andrea, Anna and co. You gave all the attending teams the opportunity of a great exposure in this industry! Oh, by the way, I've got my powerbook back today – happy again.

(copy) Jai & Wal (art)

Our (almost completely) handmade business cards, people seemed to like them, but were reserved to rip the seal apart since it looked precious, damn.

Our stand + book, I loved the black.

Crème de la Crème

Earlier this week I've received the message that the book I sent in a couple of weeks ago with Jai, a writer I worked with lately, got into Cream – an exhibition to showcase the best 25 young creative teams from England … and this time from all around Europe. It is organized by London's Talent Business. We're really excited to show our work in front of some of the greatest creative directors in the idea industry. Yay! Good times.

Lots of stuff to prepare for next Thursday. But for now – Where's the rum?

Blueberry morning

We met up earlier this morning to eat delicious blueberry cheesecake while waiting for Daniel Morris from Major Players, a recruitment company for the creative industry. If you need any contacs, espeacially for the integrated side of advertising, he's the right guy for you. Good Meeting!

Bluejeans & Blueberry cheesecake, good start for a day

Daniel is a very nice guy, had some brilliant advice for us