The Pizza Race

Domino's turns waiting for home delivery into a thrilling race.


The Pizza Race is a spec-idea created at Hyper Island. It celebrates the delivery expertise of Domino’s and bridges the time people have to wait for their food order with a fun experience. Each participating delivery driver is equipped with a GPS sensor and people get the chance to compete against them in a real-time racing game on Google Maps. Those who win a race will be rewarded with a free drink or dessert.


Once an order is placed on the user is challenged to a race. While the food is being prepared the player has the option to choose a vehicle, announce the race on social media and go for a test drive to learn the controls. When the order is ready, a countdown will start the game. The player has to follow the route of the delivery driver and race him. While the delivery driver will face real challenges like traffic, red lights and grandmas at the wheel, the player will be disturbed by the annoying Noid character. The game is over when either the delivery driver or the player arrive at the destination of the order.


In order to help players navigate the map, waypoints are placed along the route that the player needs to hit on the way.


Players can announce a race on Facebook and get help from their friends in form of a short speed boost for every like and comment.


The Noid tries to stop the player if he is getting too much of an advantage, by dropping obstacles in the players way.


To receive bonus points the player can collect all kinds of fresh and tasty pizza ingredients along the route.


Slippery hot Sauce will make the player slide. The vehicle gets out of control and is much harder to steer after driving through a spill of it.


The ultimate six cheese mixture for maximum stickiness will bring the player to a complete halt on the road for a short time.