The Smile Experiment

Navigating the web in a more emotional way.


A project from my time at Hyper Island for a competition set by DDB Paris. The brief was to bring Lipton Ice Tea’s brand idea “Drink Positive” to life in a digital and innovative way. The solution was The Smile Experiment, an application that analyses how people feel in front of their screen. This way Lipton Ice Tea can connect to those feelings and help people to navigate the web in a more emotional way.


How it works

A browser plugin uses the webcam together with facial tracking software. Once downloaded it turns every browser into a platform that tracks your smiling habits and tells you how happy you are when browsing a certain website. You can see what you friends are smiling about right now. Instead of bookmarking a website with a click, do it with a smile. And share what makes you happy with those you care about.