Turning a car into a music instrument.


Soundtracks is a concept from my time at Hyper Island that aims to make driving a more sensory experience. It works by using every sensor a car has and generating music with these sensors in real time. Every action of the car has a unique impact on the sound experience: for instance, while acceleration simply speeds up the music, the weather determines the type of instruments. This way, an urban city sounds different from a country road and a sunny day sounds electronic while rain is more instrumental.


An expansive and interesting palette of interactive sounds can be created by collaborating with artists such as Daft Punk or Arcade Fire.


By using GPS, Soundtracks connects certain places with special sounds. Drivers will only hear them when nearby and unlock them for further drives.


Every soundtrack is stored and can be shared with others. Drivers can browse through different routes and listen to their favorite soundtracks.